Let’s step the length of Wales together for our nation’s children’s hospital!

Times are tough so let’s turn this around and do something to make us feel good!

The tip to the toe of Wales is 187 miles – or 421,000 steps. Sounds like a lot doesn’t it? But a family of four stepping for just half an hour each day would do that distance together in just 19 days! You could even do the exact same all on your own in 75!

Just sign up for your free pack and we’ll send you easypre-counted step activities that include everything from an outdoor walk to a half hour kitchen disco!.So there’s no need for a Fit-bit.  In fact all you need to do is choose your daily activities, add them up on our weekly step challenge tracker and get your family and friends to sponsor your challenge.

Then, when you’ve completed your steps and raised your funds, we’ll send you each a medal – a lasting reminder that, during even the most difficult of times, you and your family pulled together to help other families in need.

Sign up is FREE! We just kindly ask that you aim to raise £35 per person or £75 per family.